About Us

Come Ride With Us!

The Mountain Motorcycle Association of Arizona (MMAA) was established in 2007 and is a non-profit 501(c)(4) organization. We are dedicated to being an independent advocate for the advancement of motorcycling and the lifestyle associated with it. We actively get involved with issues that affect motorcyclists’ rights, especially in Arizona, and […]

Charitable Events

We are fortunate to call the beautiful White Mountains of Arizona our home, and we want to contribute back to the communities in which we belong. To do that, we host and participate in various events throughout the calendar year. In the summer we host the Family Advocacy Run that […]

Fun Activities

Throughout the year, the MMAA hosts and participates in lots of activities. Charity events, group poker runs, highway cleanup, motorcycle safety training, camaraderie breakfasts, etc. Our members also help each other out with motorcycle maintenance and repair. There is always something fun to do! To see what kind of upcoming […]

Motorcycle Safety

An important part of being a MMAA member is to learn and practice new methods and techniques for improving motorcycle safety. Improve slow speed turning, counter steering, learn proper group formation riding, hand signals, braking techniques, etc. Some of our members have decades of riding experience and willingly share their […]


Motorcycle Rights

The Mountain Motorcycle Association of Arizona is an active member of both the AZ Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs (ACMC) and ABATE of AZ. We support their efforts to lobby and educate the government and general public about motorcyclist rights, fight against discriminatory legislation, and preserve the American tradition of freedom.